Kelsey is a skilled professional with a diverse background in finance, accounting and economics. She has a deep understanding of financial and accounting principles, and her ability to gather, analyze and interpret data provides a strong basis for her expertise in business valuation. Kelsey also spent 7 years in the military working with a team on communications and readiness. Kelsey has a proven track record of providing valuable insights and has been contributing to annual ESOP valuations and consulting since joining the team in 2021.

Kelsey’s credentials further showcase her expertise in the field. She holds the FMVA (Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst) certification from the Corporate Finance Institute, which is a globally recognized and respected certification for finance professionals.

Education and Professional Licenses

  • BA – Economic and Environmental Studies – University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • FMVA®– Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst
  • ABV – Accredited in Business Valuation

Professional Affiliations/Association Memberships

  • Member – American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)